LASIK eye surgery in South Carolina Now is the time! Start enjoying Freedom from Glasses and Contact Lenses with LASIK Surgery!

TLC Affiliated

The Nigh Eye Group is affiliated with TLC, the world’s leading eye surgery clinic. Are you tired of wearing corrective eyewear while attempting tasks in the office or performing household chores? Dr. Nigh is an experienced and respected eye doctor in South Carolina. We can evaluate your particular condition to see if Laser eye surgery is right for your eyes.

Free consultations

We offer a FREE consultation which gives you the information you need to decide whether to undertake LASIK eye surgery or not. If you decide to go for the eye surgery, we can refer you to a trusted eye surgeon who is competent, caring, and does an amazing job.

Please call: 864-234-5777.

Located next to Visionworks across from the Haywood Mall.
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