Aging Eyes: Cataracts

The unavoidable (if you live long enough) eye problem that is eluded by few people is the cataract. The condition is really quite variable and affects people in many different ways all of which have the potential to cause blindness if left unchecked…

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Aging Eyes: Overview

The thought of losing your vision in the sunset of your life is a foreboding idea. No one wants to go blind. Unfortunately, there are several diseases that occur during these later years.  The body begins to show signs of wear and tear and the eyes are no exception…

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When School Vision Screenings Aren’t Enough

It’s time for the school nurse to evaluate 180 students in one hour to see if their eyes are seeing properly.  After all, if you cannot see well how can you do well in school?  As concerned parents, you have been waiting anxiously for weeks or even months to find answers as to why your clearly above average student is failing miserably in school…

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