The Nigh Eye Group


The Nigh Eye Group is a family friendly practice that is passionate about vision. We care deeply about knowing and learning everything we can about eyes and effectively transferring that knowledge to expert patient care.

Our goal is superior eye care and we will go out of our way to provide the most thorough, individualized experience possible in a kind, welcoming environment.

Drs Steven and David Nigh

Drs Steven and David Nigh


  • Let Our Family Help Your FamilyWe want to serve patients through all of life and treat them with the care, compassion, and respect we would treat our own families
  • Your Expectations are our AspirationsWe want to solve problems and do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations for eye care.
  • Individualized Compassionate CareWe care about patients as individuals and recognize that they bring a whole person to our office, not just a pair of eyes. We want to listen and treat them accordingly.
  • No FearWe aim to take the fear out of eye appointments through a friendly atmosphere, education, and transparent procedures.
  • Educate People We want to educate patients so that they can take ownership of their eye health and understand what is really going on with their vision. We also want to continually pursue education as a staff in order to stay at the cutting edge of vision science.
  • Down to Earth We are here to help and clarify what is going on with your eyes. No unexplained jargon. No doctor egos.
  • Be Kind Our goal is to treat patients and staff with immense kindness even in the midst of stressful and difficult situations.

Two convenient locations: Greenville and Taylors
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