What to expect


We are honored that you chose the Nigh Eye Group as your eye care provider. Vision is our passion here and we are committed to delivering superior eye care to each of our patients. Our hope is that you will feel heard and cared for during your time at our office. Here is what you can expect during a routine visit to our Greenville office:

1. Welcome and check in

When you come in, you will check in at the front desk. If you have not already filled out paperwork and given insurance information, it will be gathered at this time.

The Friendly Nigh Eye Group Staff

2. Pretesting

When check-in is complete, you will be called back and pretesting will begin. One of our technicians will do some preliminary testing including field of vision testing, auto refraction, and tonometry to measure eye pressure.

Tools and equipment used for pretesting

Pretesting equipment

3. Medical History Evaluation

Next you will be taken back to an exam room. Here, you will be asked about any changes in medical history or serious conditions we should be aware of. Your vision acuity will also be checked through distance and near reading.

Tell us how you've been doing

4. Eye Examination

After this, the doctor will be in to see you and provide consultation and discussion of your concerns. The optometrist will determine whether your exam should include dilation and/or retinal images.

Dr. David Nigh conducting an eye exam

5. Conclusion

At the conclusion of your exam, you will check out at the front desk. If you have vision insurance that includes a co-pay or deductible you will pay that amount at this time. If you do not have insurance, you will pay the full amount for services rendered at this time.

Concluding the examination

Near vision test

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