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Born in Galion, Ohio, Steven C Nigh, OD received his bachelor’s degree in education from Ohio State University in 1970 and his optometry degree from Southern College of Optometry, in Memphis, TN. 
He and his wife moved to Greenville in 1974 following graduation from Southern College of Optometry.  He purchased the practice of longtime optometrist, Dr. A.E. Bellune, who’s father in law was Dr Odom, one of the first optometrist in the Greenville area having started practice around 1905. 
Dr. Odom later formed the partnership known as Odom, Putnam and Gore.  Later he added his son-in-law to the practice, Dr. A.E. Bellune.  In the early 60’s Dr. Bellune joined in to the practice of optometry with Dr’s Shumate, Parks, and Tucker.  Then in 1974, Dr. Bellune retired, turning over his practice to Dr. Nigh. 
With over a hundred years of continuity in the eyecare field, Dr. Nigh feels it is very important that his patients understand that we are here for the long term.  With that in mind, he is pleased to announce the addition of his son, Dr. David M Nigh to the practice.  The new name of the practice is now THE NIGH EYE GROUP.  We look forward to continuing to serve the vision care needs of the upstate for years to come.

In 1974, Dr Nigh moved with his childhood sweetheart and wife now of 40 years to Greenville.  They have had five children and six grandchildren.  He has been active in various optometric functions and is currently active in the American Optometric Association, the South Carolina Association, and the Piedmont Society of Optometrists.  His family is also active in their church.

In May of 2009, his fourth child, David graduated from his alma mater in Memphis, Tennessee.  They look forward to working as THE NIGH EYE GROUP with his pleasant staff to deliver prompt, professional, courteous, and affordable vision care.  With the latest, greatest technology available, in conjunction with uncompromising personal attention to the finest details of your situation, we will work to see that you are satisfied in every way with your vision care here with THE NIGH EYE GROUP.

In addition to what would be considered routine vision care of patients regarding prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses, Dr. Nigh has worked for over 25 years with special attention to the needs of school children who have difficulty learning because of deficiencies in their vision system that may not be addressed by just wearing glasses to make things clearer.  Now with new technology, many conditions that place undue stress on the vision system can make dramatic changes in your child’s life.  He can help determine how to identify and strengthen the skills behind how students learn.  Many times, the vision system defects need to be addressed before they can successfully move on to improvement in school and learning.

The team at THE NIGH EYE GROUP look forward to serving you.  Come in and “see us”.  You will be happy you did. 


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